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Shocking Weight Loss Steps

We accept doctors who are fat as authorities in human physiology. But did it ever occur to you that how are they going to help you lose weight when they cannot fix themselves?

So, why are they fat? They are the experts. Shouldn’t they be fit?

The problem is much bigger than we can imagine. Once in a while, some medical treatments become established but they don’t work.

And despite their lack of effectiveness, these treatments get handed down from one generation of doctors to others.

For instance the treatment of type II diabetes. Some if not all doctors prescribe their patients with insulin. They know very well that prescribing insulin is not the solution.

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Type II diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance, and injecting insulin only makes it worse.

And similarly, the treatment of obesity also lacks effectiveness. Many nutritionists and health experts instead of searching for the ultimate cause of obesity tend to transform it into overeating, and or less physical activity.

In this post, we will discuss 5 effective steps you can take to kickstart your journey of weight loss and keep it off for good.

Weight Loss Step #1: Count The Macro-nutrients

When you ask any self proclaimed fitness expert about how to lose weight, the usual answer is cut the calories down. But it is so much more about the composition of the diet than just the calories.

A study was done by Thomas M. Larsen, et al. on 1209 adults aged between 41-45, and only 548 were able to complete intervention of the study (1).

During the first eight weeks, the adults were put on a low-calorie diet of 800-1000 kcal. And after eight weeks on a weight loss diet, 705 participants have put on five different diets randomly. 155 were assigned to a low-protein high glycemic index diet, 150 to a low-protein low glycemic index diet, 159 on a high-protein low glycemic index diet, 155 on high-protein high glycemic index diet and 154 to a control diet.

It was found that an increase in protein in the diet and a modest reduction in the food with a high glycemic index helped in maintaining the weight after they lost a significant amount of weight. So, the people who were on a high protein and low glycemic index diet were able to keep the extra weight off more efficiently.

So, when on any diet, try and keep the protein intake around 1.5-1.8g per pound of bodyweight. And choose food with a low glycemic index over food with a high glycemic index.

Weight Loss Step #2: Intermittent Fasting

I have a complete article on intermittent fasting. If you want to start an intermittent fast, this might be of some help.

It is not a diet but is a pattern of eating.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a term used to describe a variety of eating patterns in which no or few calories are consumed for time periods that can range from 12 hours to several days, on a recurring basis.

It helps in mobilization of fat through oxidation of fatty acids.

Intermittent fasting is considered to have similar effects like of calorie restriction (2). The fasting pattern shifts the utilization of glucose to fatty acids by the body.

Other studies conducted have also used Intermittent fasting to treat both type I and type II diabetes.

It releases a hormone named norepinephrine which is a fat burning hormone. It also reduces insulin levels in your body and increases the production of growth hormones.

So, intermittent fasting can be used as an effective tool to help you lose weight efficiently.

Weight Loss Step #3: Avoid Beer

Do you love beer? Well, maybe it is your love for beer that is sabotaging your weight loss process.

Beer is made by the fermentation of grains. It is high in calories.

Consuming beer can increase your daily calorie intake and may eventually result into increasing belly fat.

Beer is high in phytoestrogens, which comes from the flowers of hop plants used to preserve and add flavor in beer.

Phytoestrogens are a chemical compound that can mimic the function of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body (3). This might cause hormonal imbalances in men and may result in the storage of excess fat.

Beer and other alcoholic beverages are also shown to reduce male sex hormone testosterone (4). And lower levels of testosterone can lead to fat storage around the waist (5).

If you love drinking beer or some other alcohol beverage heavily, you should limit it or give it up.

Weight Loss Step #4: Limit Snacks Between Meals

Snacking between meals can also be a reason your weight loss process is slowed down.

Some processed or unprocessed food can be tempting. You should be careful about adding extra cream and cheese with dessert. They taste good and you will never know when you are adding chunks of calories.

If you are overweight you have enough fat stored, which can be used by your body as a source of energy. You don’t need to eat if you are not hungry between meals.

Excessive snacking can increase insulin secretion which will eventually slow down your metabolism and your weight loss.

To lose weight efficiently and quickly you will need to skip some meals and snacking if you are not hungry. Listen to your body.

Weight Loss Step #5: Be Persistent With Workout and Diet

Did you grow fat in a week? Of course not. It took your body decades to accumulate that extra visceral fat. It will definitely not vanish overnight or in a few weeks.

To get rid of your body fat, you will need to be persistent with your diet and your exercise routine. Starving yourself to death is not sustainable.

We have designed a home workout routine that you might be interested in.

If you are an overweight person and you are on a low carb diet, you will easily lose 2-5 pounds within the first week. This rate of weight loss will then come down to 0.5 pounds per week which is actually good. Just keep doing what you are doing.

However, you will also hit weight loss plateaus and for weeks nothing will seem to change. When you hit plateaus, you will need to tweak a few things in your diet and workout routine and have patience.

And when it comes to the relationship between exercise and weight loss, it will not help you lose weight if it is not intense. You will need to dedicate yourself to a strength training session or any other type of intense training for 5 days per week.

However, if you consume junk food and alcoholic beverages for 5 days a week. Do not care about losing weight naturally because you will not. If your diet is trash any kind of physical activity will not give you the result you want.

Bottom Line: Be persistent with what you are doing. It will take time depending on your current body fat percentage, but you will reach your goal. Follow the steps strictly and be the best version of you.

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