So today I need to discuss the connection between your state of mind and your food. There’s a colossal relationship, the issue is that you never need to treat a symptom directly without understanding the hidden cause and that is the issue of medication. They treat every one of the symptoms. So, on the off chance that you get gloom, they will treat it. They don’t inquire as to why.

Anxiety, it has a treatment, there’s a considerable measure of pills. There’s no benefit in relieving these. It’s all about managing these, in fact when you treat the symptom or you analyze inaccurately you aggravate the patient.

I’ll give an example. My Cousin was a patient who was depressed and I said when did you realize that you were discouraged. She goes when I was diagnosed. I began addressing more stuff and I said you know what you’re not depressed you’re simply exhausted. She goes wow that bodes well since I don’t rest. Thus I took her to a therapist and I made her an eating routine arrangement. Also, now she’s doing great.

So, how about we discuss this now, there are two or three elements and in the relationship to influencing your passionate mood of mind and the food that you eat and different things.


We should discuss nutrition first, you heard the phrase an apple daily keeps the doctor away. All things considered, that may have been valid in 1965 however not presently. It takes six apples every day currently to ward off the specialist. On the off chance that you take the apples and shoot them sufficiently hard at the doctor. I’m just joking, don’t do that.

However, the fact of the matter is that the soil is so awful right now that you require such a great amount of food to accomplish similar nutrient levels. In Europe or in Africa the food nutrition components are quite a lot more and that is the reason they have great teeth, great bone structure since they have more nourishment in the soil. Along these lines, the soil is terrible in America that is the nourishment is vacant so subsequently, you have to eat considerably more healthy.

For example, simply take potassium. It’s the most critical mineral in a decent relaxed body since potassium is a physiological sedative. It calms the sensory system down. Furthermore, you may state that you eat a banana daily. Indeed, that is 400 milligrams yet you require 4700 milligrams just to get your minimum. Along these lines, that would compare to around seven to eight to even ten cups of vegetables or serving of mixed greens each and every day. What number of cups of vegetables would you say you are eating each day? So potassium is essential for two purposes to calm the pulse down provided that your potassium is low your heartbeat rate will go high. Try to lay down with your heartbeat simply going blast. It won’t let you unwind. So potassium is critical to calm the heart down.

It’s likewise vital to building up great blood sugars and even to help settle the sugar so they don’t drop down too far, we’ll get into that in a second.

However, I need to simply discuss the supplement Factors, B vitamins particularly B1 are spent when you’re in a Stressed State. So when you’re pushing your body and you’re worried. You will exhaust your B vitamins particularly B1 and a portion of alternate ones.

When you deplete your B vitamins you become more anxious, you have that internal restless. And the best source of vitamin B is nutritional yeast.

You can go to the grocery store and can buy nutritional yeast. I like to put a teaspoon of it in a protein shake. But Vitamin B is very very very important to actually calm you down. And will help you sleep better as well. Most of the vitamins we take through pills are synthetic and you don’t want to do that. I would recommend food based vitamins. I use one named super nutrients.

Calcium can help you relax, calm down and reduce stress. When under stress you also reduce calcium. And you need to take calcium citrates as it can be absorbed by the body. Or plain yogurt can be a great source of calcium.

Omega 3 :
It is very important in cognitive function and especially for children. But try and go for better quality omega3 fish oil rather than going for the cheapest you can find.

2.Blood Sugar:

Now, Let’s talk about how blood sugar levels affect your mood. If your blood sugar is not level at 100 and goes too high, you’re going to get brain fog. You’re going to have a loss of memory. When blood sugar levels go down you’re going to have irritability,you’re going to be edgy. Yes just from not balanced blood sugars. Why do you think people have started taking protein in their breakfast and avoid carbs at breakfast? That actually levels the blood sugars through the whole day.
When your sugar levels come down, have some salad. It can help balance the sugar levels.


Hormones influence your brain massively. Like for instance, serotonin is a pleasure hormone. And that is how psych drugs work too, they recycle that last drop of serotonin you have over and over again, tricking your body think it has more than it really does. So when you take psych drugs, it ends up causing a deficiency over the time. And the need for that medicine rises over time. And sometimes when the doctor doesn’t have a plan to help you get off the medication then you end up eating more and more to the point where it really ruins the body. So build serotonin with a good diet before you even get these symptoms.

Next hormone is cortisol, which comes from all types of stress. Like you push yourself over the years, you work two jobs, maybe you don’t sleep long enough and you go flight or fight mode and you will get anxiety as a symptom from cortisol. So anxiety is a higher cortisol adrenal problem, which needs to be improved through natural means. One way is by walking every day or working out or sleeping or keeping the diet good.

So, now you know there is a hormonal aspect to your mood as well that should be supported through nutrition. So the next time you are having any type of mood problems look at the nutrition, the blood sugars, the hormonal issues. Never treat the symptom and find the root cause.