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What is Trashcan Dreams?

At Trashcan Dreams, we get you closer to the stories that matter. It’s a resource run by me, Pankaj Sinha and my elder brother Johnny. Now, we ain’t the world’s best scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers but this is our perspective towards mother nature. We are here to share the science behind living a healthy life and learning new skills. We are dedicated to bringing you amazing stories and experiences from the world of science, supernatural and natural history, anthropology, survival, geography, and engineering. Our mission here is to inspire, educate and empower our audience by delivering world-class editorial content, using state-of-the-art multi-media tools, in a highly informative, entertaining and visually compelling format and lastly, to earn a passive income.

Why should you join our community when there are already millions of others out there doing the same?

That brings me to this question. For example, tell me… are you someone who is tired of trying products to get rid of those extra pounds? Well, you are not the only one who has had trouble with that for sure. And this is not the first site either where you came for answers. Many of us spend years and years trying to get rid of extra body fat with little or no success.

But in here, we will not just discuss how to live a healthy life but will also try and understand and then explain you back the root cause behind your obesity and guide you to fix it. The thing is… knowing what you’re doing is better than following others. And this goes with each and every topic that we cover in Trashcan Dreams. Be is health, science or technology.

About Pankaj Sinha

Hi! I am Pankaj Sinha. I’m a student in my early twenties who started to share everything I know about Health and Fitness because I had to. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and pursuing my master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Running a blog was not something I wished for before, because I am pretty good in my academics. But nature has its way of making things happen. I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2017 but only when I decided to pursue my master’s degree in Germany, my father was diagnosed with last stage chronic kidney disease. So, things got very complicated. My family was broke and I changed my mind. I felt it is important for me to be with my family. And I decided to learn what is the root cause of all diseases. So, I joined several courses related to health, and Nutrition and Dietetics is something, I thought is the most important of them all.

And I want to share what I learn with everybody around so that we can make a difference. People today are getting more and more conscious about their health. But the problem is the internet is a mess. There are some, sharing random knowledge more commonly known as bro-science and people are getting affected mostly in a bad way. I only want to show things that could help people live a healthy life.

I and my family are going through a rough phase of life. I don’t want anybody else to go through the same. You can drop me a personal mail on trashcandreamstv@gmail.com and I’d love to have a friendly conversation.

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